Buhl Wake Shaper - Upgrade your wave and have more fun on the water!

The Buhl Wake Shaper

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The Buhl mounts securely to the side of your boat using suction without the need for Velcro or other adhesives. It is quick and easy to mount. Attach the Buhl to the opposite side of the boat from your surfer under the water line. You may adjust the positioning of the Buhl to set your optimal wave.

Product Specs

Floats in water!

Face measurement: 15" x 10"

Angle: 45 degrees

Mounting method: suction cup

Cup diameter: 4 2/3 inches

Warranty: 1-year limited warranty protecting against manufacture defects


*Use of this product is at your sole risk. Buhl Wakesurfing, its partners, distributors, or employees are not responsible for loss or damage caused by using this product.