Surfing is Better with The Buhl Wake Shaper

Surfing is Better with The Buhl Wake Shaper

The Buhl Wake Shaper

It's boating season and time to set the perfect wave for your wakesurfing crew! You will love the difference that using the Buhl Wake Shaper makes. You will have a longer, smoother, and larger wave. Do not go out another day on the lake before ordering your wake shaper. Surfing with the Buhl is WAY MORE FUN, easier to pick up for beginners, and perfect for expert surfers.

Does it really make a difference?

Yes, and it is a game changer

When we started wake surfing, we had no idea the kind of difference a wake shaper could make. We struggled to stay with the boat for more than 15 seconds after throwing in the rope. Our surf wave was tiny and we did not know any better.

Once we got frustrated enough, we started playing around with our ballast to fix it, but we never could get rid of the white water or get our wave to swell up. We heard about surf gates and tried one of the expensive brands out there with moderate success, but could not get our desired effect.

It was after so much struggle that the Buhl Wake Shaper was born. It has the largest face plate in the industry for maximum water diversion and is guaranteed to give you the best results.

Product Details

The Buhl mounts securely to the side of your boat using suction without the need for Velcro or other adhesives. It is quick and easy to mount. Simply attach the Buhl to the opposite side of the boat from your surfer under the water line. Adjust the position to tune your perfect wave.


Floats in the water

Face measurement: 15" x 10"

Angle: 45 degrees

Mounting method: suction cup (diameter 4 2/3") 

Warranty: 1-year limited warranty protecting against manufacture defects

Compatibility: can be used with most boats (need a smooth flat surface to fit suction cups) 

Suctions Securely to Boat 

Holds on tight without the need for Velcro, boat modifications, or adhesives. 

Floats in Water

Other products sink to the bottom of the lake when dropped. The Buhl floats nicely. See!

A Teachable Wave

The Buhl creates maximum push and allows for beginners to go from newbie to surfing in no time!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it float?
You betcha! Older versions purchased in Spring 2017 did not float, but the Buhl is now a floater! Wake shapers aren't supposed to be anchors and we don't want your day on the lake ruined because of a sinker.
Will it work on my 24' boat?
Absolutely! We use it on our 26' footer. It throws a fantastic wave. We would never surf without it!
Can I surf behind a stern drive boat? Hint: DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT
Stern drive, outboards, and I/O boats are not meant for surfing. Surfing behind one of these boats will KILL YOU or will result in the LOSS OF LIMBS. We are not kidding. Surfers ride very close the the back of a boat and fall at right next to the swim platform. Only surf behind boats where the propeller is underneath the hull and well out of the way of the surfer. Once again, this is a big deal!
Can I place it over a decal?
As long as you have a completely smooth surface without any seams or obstructions, the Buhl will hold on tight. Don't place it on the edge of a decal and expect that it will hold. That will obstruct the suction and you'll have a bad day!
What boats is it compatible with?
The Buhl is compatible with most boats. You need a smooth flat surface that is at least 5 inches wide and 13 inches long for the suction cups to hold onto. If you have any specific questions, direct them to team@buhlwakesurfing.com.
What does the 1-year limited warranty cover?
The warranty covers the product from manufactures defects. It does not cover loss, wear from normal use, intentional damage, accidental damage, misuse, or negligence. Warranty claims are approved under the sole discretion of the Buhl Wakesurfing warranty department.