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The Buhl Wake Shaper

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Make Surfing More Fun

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See You On The Lake

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The Perfect Wave


Unlike some of the others, The Buhl floats at the top of the water. See!

Suctions Securely to Boat

Holds on tight up to 15 MPH without the need for Velcro, boat modifications, or adhesives. 

Family Fun

From beginner to advanced, The Buhl makes every surf day on the lake a great day.

Since 2016

Our family has been perfecting waves since 2016. Give The Buhl a shot, you will love how much it changes your day on the water!

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I can not believe the difference it made. I am a big guy and could not surf without a rope before buying this. I absolutely recommend this product!

Andy (UT)

I contemplated selling my boat before buying the Buhl. I was skeptical, but it saved my $100k because I didn't have to buy a new boat! My kids are loving the new wave!

Jared (UT)

Most fun I have had out on the water. All thanks to the Buhl. Thanks guys!!!

Gary (WY)